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A Legacy of Advocacy

Through the years, the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association has built a tradition of successful advocacy for its members and for the consumers they serve. Our advocacy focuses on legislative issues and community needs.

Focused Legislative Action

For each session of the Maryland General Assembly, the MSHA Executive Board develops a legislative agenda in conjunction with our lobbying firm, Bellamy Genn Group. The agenda helps to focus our communication with local legislators to maximize our influence on policymaking. Through various communications channels, MSHA reports on actions taken throughout the legislative session that may affect our profession and clients.

Dedicated Community Action

MSHA members are daily advocates within the Maryland community, bringing clarity to the issues faced by our clients and their families as they deal with speech-language and hearing disorders. MSHA strives to provide community resources and our Members participate in (or organize) area events that raise awareness and support for people of all abilities.

Your Voice for Maryland

With each passing year, the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association continues to build a tradition of successful legislative advocacy for its members and for the consumers they serve.

Insurance Claim Denied? 

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MSHA’s Legislative Agenda

The MSHA Executive Board develops a legislative agenda for each session of the Maryland General Assembly. MSHA retains a lobbyist. The lobbyist assists with constructing the annual agenda so that we may focus our communication with local legislators to maximize our influence on policymaking.

MSHA’s Legislative Outreach

MSHA strives to enhance communications with members through its website, email communications, and other technology so that we may quickly advise members of upcoming legislative issues. We also host an annual Legislative Action Day workshop to inform members about ways to influence the legislative process.

How Can You Get Involved?

All MSHA members are encouraged to be involved in the development and promotion of our legislative agenda. Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours, many opportunities exist for you to make your opinion count in the shaping of our state policy.

  • Be a member! Just by renewing your membership to MSHA, you are contributing to a political cause that promotes one of your greatest passions – helping people with communication and hearing disorders to have the best life possible. Join MSHA now.
  • Know your legislators.  All of our legislators list various means of making contact (phone, local office, Annapolis office, e-mail, fax) and they are very accessible. They want to hear your opinion. They want to hear the stories of the children and adults with whom we work. And they want your vote in the next election! To locate your legislators, visit and type in your name and address, or view any of our Find Legislators resources.
  • Facebook. MSHA has its own Facebook page to broadcast state-level SLP and audiology news. Come join this group page to stay up-to-date with legislative news (once the session starts in January, things tend to move very quickly). Join us on Facebook.
  • Visit the MSHA website. Visit the MSHA website to get the latest information and learn how to quickly access your legislators and optimize your involvement in government affairs with the ease of clicking your mouse.
  • Volunteer for MSHA’s Legislative Committees. As you can imagine, planning and development opportunities abound. If you have an opinion, an idea, a motive for legislative action, you will find an outlet for it here. Contact the MSHA office to convey your interest in participating in a committee.
  • Run for office on MSHA’s Executive Board. If you are ready to take the next step in your service to your profession, consider joining the dedicated team of your peers who guide our state-level endeavors.

How ASHA Partners for State Advocacy

MSHA Advocacy Day

Make Contact, Take Action

Founded in 1964, the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) is a nonprofit organization representing nearly 4,000 licensed professionals with advanced degrees in speech-language pathology and audiology. Reflecting the cultural diversity of our state, MSHA represents professionals sensitive to the diverse needs of all citizens in need of member services. Interested in becoming a member, visit the Member Center . 

MSHA is recognized as the official professional organization for Maryland speech-language pathologists and audiologists by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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